Yes, there's a strange odor in Mont Belvieu, but it's not a threat to the public, police say

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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Missouri City residents concerned about big stink over town
In southeast Texas, strange odors in the industrial heavy region are basically the norm. Before Mont Belvieu on Wednesday, there was a memorable instance of an overwhelming smell elsewhere in the Houston area.

MONT BELVIEU, Texas (KTRK) -- Authorities in the refinery-heavy town of Mont Belvieu said they are aware of a strange odor being detected in town, but they assured residents there's no threat to the public.

The police department in the town east of Houston said the fire department is investigating the scent in the air Wednesday morning.

They were informed that an industrial facility lost power and had a release, police said.

They added air monitoring showed no detectable levels.

It was not immediately known which facility experienced the power loss.

Mont Belvieu's city limits are shared between Chambers and Liberty counties, with the former holding the majority of the town in its westernmost portion.

A 2019 Census estimation showed its population at 6,574 people.

In southeast Texas, odors are basically the norm in a region that's home to oil refineries. The video above alludes to a similar incident of an overwhelming smell that puzzled residents elsewhere in the Houston area.