BARC officials rescue monkey that reportedly bit someone while on the loose in SE Houston

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Officials rescue monkey that reportedly bit someone in SE Houston
Although it appears to be sweet, things reportedly got pretty wild when neighbors said the small monkey got loose. BARC said it will now be sent to a monkey rehabilitation facility.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A monkey was rescued by officials with Houston's animal shelter and adoption facility after police responded to a bizarre aggressive animal call in southeast Houston on Monday night.

Houston police thought they were responding to a call about a dog who bit someone in the 9800 block of Telephone Road near Almeda Genoa Road around 9:15 p.m. However, when they arrived, they realized the call was actually about a monkey.

Photos from HPD show the small monkey wrapped in a blanket.

Although the monkey appears to be sweet, things reportedly got pretty wild when neighbors said the monkey got loose from its home on Telephone Road.

Police were told the monkey bit someone and was apparently attacked by a dog in the area.

By the time officers arrived, the monkey was seeking refuge under a pickup truck. A photo from HPD shows the monkey hidden beneath the truck.

"We go under the truck and there is a monkey hanging from the axles of the truck and he looked pretty beat up," Jesse Rodriguez with HPD said.

"We wanted to get it, but knowing it was already kind of feisty, having been attacked by a dog, it was already in fighting mode. So, we really didn't want to put ourselves in and get bit by a monkey, so we just decided to call BARC," Isaiah Valezquez with HPD said.

Officials with BARC managed to get a collar on the monkey. They say it will be sent to a monkey rehabilitation facility while officials try to figure out who owns it and where it will live going forward.

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