Group of moms fight to get West U to recognize MLK Day

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The city of West University recognizes nine holidays, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not one of them.

For months, a group of moms have been fighting to change that.

"We're part of a group in West University that has committed to looking in our community to see if there are things that can be changed in light of the national soul-searching with racism and systemic changes that can be made to improve life for all Americans," said a member.

She said they had been told that there had always been some question by the prior city councils that nobody really cared.

According to the moms, the general reaction from neighbors has been, "You're kidding!"

"It's surprising to me that he doesn't have his own holiday, but we still celebrate things like Columbus Day," said one neighbor.

Dave Beach, the city manager, responded to the mothers' email asking City Council to discuss changing the city's observed holidays.

"It was during a review of the Handbook, City Council also initiated discussion on revisions to the City's current holiday schedule. Regarding the recent involvement of the residents in this process, this is wonderful and we love the fact that our residents care enough about their community and this issue to voice their support and get involved. Lastly, because alternatives to a traditional holiday schedule do not appear operationally promising, last week Mayor Higley added an item to the City Council October 26 agenda to specifically discuss and recognize Martin Luther King Day as an official City holiday."

The video above explains the steps the mothers took to raise awareness, along with other reactions from neighbors.
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