Vietnam vet desperately searching for beloved service Husky named Tara

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- A family is issuing a desperate plea after their 8-year-old Husky named Tara disappeared.

Marjie Buck's husband, 72-year-old William, is a Vietnam veteran and still suffers from PTSD. She said that's why Tara means so much to the family because to them, she's more than a service dog.

"We want our baby girl back," said Marjie. "Looking back, we realize how she has just become very sensitive to him and his emotional needs. When he's having a bad day or going through something, she just stays real close to him."

On July 2, William took a trip to the store, but didn't lock the kennel in their backyard. When he returned, Tara was nowhere to be found.

"That's when he found a hole under the fence and they started searching immediately for her but never found her," Marjie said.

The Husky was last seen near Telephone Road and Beltway 8.

Family members and neighbors have been posting flyers all over the Pearland community.

They also created a "Finding Tara" Facebook page to share updates and information.

Marjie told Eyewitness News they've received a few tips, but nothing solid.

As the family continues their search, William is hoping he'll see his best friend once again.

"If [you] have her, please contact us so that we can get her back," said Marjie. "She is very instrumental to my husband's health [and] his mental well-being."

There is now a reward for anyone who returns Tara to the Buck family. If you have any information, you're asked to call 281-610-3545.

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