Astros fans will be able to get into Minute Maid Park faster with new facial recognition system

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024
New tech aims to gets Astros fans in MMP faster with ticketless entry
Tired of waiting in long lines in the heat? The new facial recognition software is designed to help lines move faster with ticketless entry. Here's how it works.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This upcoming season, Astros fans will be able to get into Minute Maid Park in just minutes with new facial recognition software.

According to our partners at the Houston Chronicle, the new "Go-Ahead Entry" system will roll out on opening day, allowing fans who sign up to go through a special line without a ticket after clearing security.

ABC13 spoke to some Astros fans who seem to be on board with the change.

"We definitely don't want to wait in line when it's hot," one fan said. "There's always something. Welcome to the future," another fan said.

Houston will become one of four major league teams to use the new software. Go-Ahead Entry was first tested by the Philadelphia Phillies last season, and the plan is for every team to use it throughout 2024.

Fans can register by downloading the MLB Ballpark app. Users take a photo of themselves through the app, which is converted into a digital token used to authenticate their likeness as they walk through the gates, according to MLB officials.

You only have to take the photo once, and it will be used throughout the season. Officials said the images of fans aren't stored or shared.

The Go-Ahead Entry system also works for groups as long as the person signed up for the service has all of the tickets in their MLB Ballpark app.

The 'Stros begin Spring training in less than two weeks.

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