Milo Ventimiglia is keeping company with a new tv family!

ByPatrick Stinson OTRC logo
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Milo Ventimiglia returns to television with "The Company You Keep."
'The Company You Keep' is a passion project for Milo Ventimiglia and he's ready to share it with fans.

LOS ANGELES -- Milo Ventimiglia and costars hit the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of "The Company You Keep."

Milo was joined by his new tv family to officially pop the cork on ABC's highly anticipated, upcoming drama. Milo is both star and executive producer and it's his first TV gig since "This Is Us" ended last year, after six seasons. Milo told On The Red Carpet, even before "This Is Us" wrapped up, he was already busy with "The Company You Keep."

"We've been hard at work since October, developing this show, putting the cast together with our other producers, producing it, you know, it's nice to get to a point where I'm like, hey, we all put this together, hope you like it."

In "The Company You Keep" he plays a conman who is part of a family of grifters. Life and work, however, get a little more complicated when Milo's character falls for an undercover C-I-A officer, played by Catherine Haena Kim, who says this show checks all the boxes.

"It's such a fun ride. I feel like it's going to be one of those shows, where you come home after a long day, you're going to kick your feet up, and just be entertained."

Tune in to see the series premiere of "The Company You Keep" Sunday, February 19th at 10p.m. EST/9p.m CST on ABC.