Crab Station shooting victim was mediator between friend and husband's divorce talk, family says

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Friday, July 29, 2022
'He was misled': Crab Station victim didn't expect ambush, family says
Maurenzo Smith's family revealed he accompanied his friend to mediate her divorce talk when he was killed allegedly by her husband.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A 44-year-old man tragically lost his life on Wednesday morning while helping his friend, according to his family.

Authorities haven't identified the victim in The Crab Station shooting, but his family told ABC13 that Maurenzo "Tdiddy" Smith's life was taken.

"Just a big kid at heart. You know? Never grew up. It tripped me out when he wanted to be a fighter. I said, 'Bro, how are you going to be a fighter and you so soft,'" Ida Carter, the victim's older sister, said

Smith was at The Crab Station in northwest Harris County with his friend who was getting a divorce from her 61-year-old husband. His family says he was not romantically involved with the woman, as the Harris County Sheriff's Office previously reported.

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"He misled my brother the day before. My brother had spoken to him and his wife and was trying to be a mediator," Carter said.

Carter adds that her brother was helping the woman because she told him she was afraid of her husband. They met through a business venture he was just starting. Smith's friend recently opened up to him about her marital problems. Court records confirm the woman and her husband filed for divorce on July 21.

"On Friday was his first time ever meeting her, face to face. He gave her shelter and tried to help her out," Carter said.

Smith's family tells ABC13 their brother spoke to her husband on Tuesday and had zero indication he was going to be ambushed and that the husband seemed nice.

As of Thursday evening, authorities haven't publicly named the man accused of shooting and killing Smith, before shooting himself in the head. ABC13 crews spoke to neighbors of the couple, who were shocked about the news and described the married couple as nice.

HCSO confirmed to ABC13 that the alleged gunman is still in the hospital on life support. Deputies also said he would likely face murder charges if he were to pull through.

"It really hurts, but I know that he would want us to be strong," said Sarah Abdullah, one of Smith's four children, who was wearing one of his necklaces when we spoke with her. "I really put it on, because I know my dad would tell me to keep fighting."

Smith's family says their brother and father was a positive, helpful, loving, and impactful man who left imprints on the hearts of so many people

His family adds that their loved one ultimately took his last breath in a place that was special to their family.

"This is the last restaurant we all ate at when he was alive. This was the last time we seen him alive. And then the tragedy happened and he got killed at the same restaurant," Chaerice Piere, the victim's younger sister, said .

Carter says ironically where her brother was killed was the same table they were at the last time they were all together.

The family says there will be a balloon release in his honor on Saturday at 6 p.m. outside of The Crab Station. His funeral services will be held in August.

His sisters have started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses and to help his kids monetarily.

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