Man calls 911 to report that he killed his wife in Minnesota

Monday, February 11, 2019
Man calls 911 to report that he killed his wife
A Minnesota man is in custody, but has not been charged after calling 911 to report that he killed his wife.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota -- A Minnesota man is in custody after police say he admitted to killing his wife.

Police say just before 10 p.m. on Friday, Matthew Jansen called 911 and told authorities he killed his wife, Mary Jo.

His next door neighbor, who was close to the family, said it was a senseless tragedy.

"We can't imagine having better neighbors," Tim Magnuson said.

Living next door to each other for nearly 10 years, Magnuson and his family were more friends than neighbors with the Jansen's.

The two families shared more than just a fence, spending lots of time swimming in the pool together and sharing laughs.

But their picture of the idyllic neighborhood was shattered after Mary Jo's death.

"It's hard to process that depth of grief and tragedy," Magnuson said.

Mary Jo was found dead inside their home when police arrived. The couple was married for 23 years and has two children.

Mary's cause of death has not been determined, and Matthew has not been formally charged at this point,

More information is expected after the medical examiner has completed an autopsy.