Sprawling pot farm discovered and destroyed in Austin County

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Friday, August 28, 2015
Pot farm discovered in Austin County
Authorities in a helicopter discovered a marijuana farm in Austin County

AUSTIN COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- A sprawling marijuana farm was discovered and destroyed this week in Austin County, according to authorities.

A Drug Enforcement Agency helicopter located the marijuana farm on Brazos River Authority land off FM 1458 near Allen's Creek on Wednesday. Austin County authorities moved in the next day, finding no one on the farm or nearby. They did, however, say they found a vast crop of pot and cultivation equipment.

Authorities removed 8,653 marijuana plants, a gas generator, a gas water pump and an electric water pump, along with other small items from the site. A tent, food, clothing, water reservoir, electric lines and water lines were located and destroyed.

The marijuana plants were destroyed Friday, according to law enforcement.

Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes said via a statement, "The help from DEA, Austin County Commissioners and Austin County Road and Bridge employees is very much appreciated. To have all this support and help from DEA and within the county is a great thing. Here we have citizens that didn't have to respond, but did in order to keep our county safe, and that is a great thing."