Nail salon safety: 9 signs your place for mani-pedis is unsafe

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019
How to tell if you're at a bad nail salon
How to tell if you're at a bad nail salon

Your beautiful mani-pedi could give you an ugly infection - or worse.

Memorial Hermann shared nine warnings that you should watch out for before booking your next appointment.

Look around the salon to see how clean it is.

"The true test is the bathroom. If it isn't spotless, you shouldn't trust that the stations are," Dr. Gabriel Maislos, D.P.M., a podiatrist, affiliated with Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, said.

Another warning sign is if you see techs using blades.

Aestheticians do not cut cuticles, so razors and knives should not be seen around a nail salon.

"Whirlpools and tools can spread blood-borne diseases-such as HIV and Hepatitis-via microscopic nicks and reused instruments," according to Memorial Hermann.

If the fumes are too much or making you nauseous, that could be a sign that the ventilation is poor.

Click here on the Memorial Hermann website to see the other warning signs.

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