Man who tipped bartender $22K arrested for public intoxication

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (KTRK) -- Police arrested a 39-year-old at the JW Marriot bar after making "bizarre" statements and dropping $22,000 in tips.

Joel Boyers was charged with public intoxication and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

His friends first called police, saying he sent them strange texts. One of his friends also added Boyers had been drinking and was carrying a firearm.

One allegedly said he took a drug that "increased his intelligence." Another referenced giving his child away on Facebook.

When he was arrested at the hotel Monday, managers told police he was causing a disturbance because waitresses were competing for the high-dollar tips.

Police say records show Boyers had purchased over a dozen drinks from the room's minibar and had consumed two other drinks at the hotel bar. Police took a gun from Boyers that he had in his pants pocket and arrested him.
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