Shooting victim records his own murder on cell phone

DENVER, Colorado -- When police responded to the call of a shooting at a home on Wednesday, they were surprised to learn the victim recorded his own murder.

At the scene, police found 63-year-old Gary Dolce dead outside of his home with multiple gunshot wounds.

KRDO reports that a first-responder at the scene found a cell phone next to Dolce, still recording a video.

Authorities watched the video back and discovered it had recorded Dolce's death.

In the video, a man who was identified as James W. Hanlon, can allegedly be seen in the car with the driver's window down confronting Dolce. Hanlon yells allegedly expletives at Dolce and fires a handgun approximately four times.

The investigation later revealed that Hanlon and Dolce were neighbors and had an altercation in the past.

Court documents recorded that Hanlon was cited by the Humane Society that same Wednesday for having an aggressive animal.

In an audio recording obtained by the Humane Society when Hanlon's citation was issued, he can be heard talking to the employee about his shared fence with neighbor Dolce. He says, "We're just going to kick his [expletive], that's all we're gonna do. Next time I see him I'll just kick his [expletive]...I guarantee you once he gets his [expletive] kicked, that will be the end of it."

Police learned from Hanlon's family that shortly after receiving the citation, Hanlon told them he had an emergency work callout and left the home. He received the citation at 5:38 p.m. and the shooting was reported at 6:24 p.m. that same evening.

Neighborhood surveillance video shows Hanlon's vehicle driving towards the scene of the shooting at 6:22 p.m.

After fleeing the scene and allegedly leaving the city, Hanlon turned himself into police Friday.

He is being held on a Fugitive of Justice warrant with no bond allowed.