Murder suspect may have lured and killed victim because he was gay: Prosecutors

Prosecutors say a 22-year-old suspect may have murdered a man nearly two weeks ago because he was gay.

Davonte Garrison is charged with capital murder. The 30-year-old victim, identified as Adrienne Lee Ward, was behind the wheel when his vehicle flipped and crashed into a family's patio at the Excelsior on the Park Apartments at 14300 Ella near Rushworth in northwest Harris County.

Ward had been shot.

ORIGINAL STORY: Man dies after being shot in car and crashing into family's patio at apartment complex in NW Harris County

A day after the fatal shooting, police tracked down Garrison through Facebook and Instagram after getting information from a tipster who called herself "Bunny."

Bunny says she knew Garrison from talking to him via an app called "Tagged."

According to Bunny, Garrison, who goes by "Arzoo" online, told her he robbed and shot Ward, after luring Ward to his apartment to meet him.

When Ward showed up, Garrison got into the passenger seat of his car. Investigators say he shot Ward at least once.

"Bunny stated that the male she knows as Arzoo told her he hated homosexuals and that he lured the complainant to his apartment under the ruse of hooking up. She went on to say that Arzoo told her he had planned to rob the complainant of his money and property," prosecutors said in court.

Bunny allegedly said that Garrison told her he fell out of the car after the shooting and Ward sped off, eventually crashing.

Also in court, Garrison's attorneys argued he should have bond because he volunteers to help the homeless and supports his family. But the judge said the suspect will have no bond.

Prior to the fatal shooting, Garrison only had misdemeanors on his record. He remains in jail.

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