'Maggie' uses psychic visions to tackle dating world in Hulu's new rom-com series

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, July 5, 2022
'Maggie' cast talks about the new Hulu show
Jennifer Matarese interviews the cast of the Hulu series "Maggie."

NEW YORK -- Would you bother to date if you think you knew the ending? That's the quandary one woman with psychic abilities finds herself in on the new Hulu series "Maggie."

"Maggie's a really fun character to play, I really love her dry sense of humor," said Rebecca Rittenhouse, "Maggie."

Maggie's "gift" allows her to see glimpses of her friends and family's future, but that's where it gets tricky. She only sees portions of what will happen. So, she usually refuses to tell them what is in her visions.

"What you see from Louise is that she's pretty good living in the moment, that's kind of a philosophy for her and something that she tries to impart to Maggie a lot of the times," said Nichole Sakura, Maggie's friend "Louise."

"I just fell in love with the story and the relationship of mentor-mentee-friend, it just was filled with so much heart," said Ray Ford, who plays Maggie's fellow psychic "Angel," because even psychics need psychics to help them figure things out.

When she sees herself in one of her visions while telling "Ben's" fortune at a party, things get extra complicated for Maggie, rom-com style.

"You know, it's a really different role for me, I never thought I'd be the guy in a triangle," said David Del Rio, "Ben." "Ben suffers from crimes of the heart and that's something that I really liked diving into."

Fans of the series "Life in Pieces" which ran from 2015-2019 will find this show charming. It's also written and executive produced by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull.

Fans may remember Angelique Cabral from that show. Now she's playing "Amy" who is Maggie's love-interest Ben's sister. Her character is married to "Dave," played by Leonardo Nam, who often takes the role of the straight man in their humorous scenes.

"She's always trying to make everyone happy and sometimes she falls short but that's where the comedy lies," Cabral said.

"They wanted someone who can stay very grounded and very deep and also go into funny, humorous moments," Nam said.

Things aren't smooth sailing for Ben and Maggie throughout this first season and a major reason for that is "Jessie."

"What Ben does is technically while we are on a break," said Chloe Bridges, "Jessie." "So she doesn't find out about that for some time."

Adding a dose heavy-weight acting talent to the cast are Maggie's parents. Chris Elliot plays her dad "Jack" and Kerri Kenney-Silver plays her mom "Maria."

"I was afraid of him (Elliot), I was afraid of his talent, that I wouldn't get to play or spar with him, but he just comes along and scoops you up and it's been a dream for me," Kenney Silver said.

"I like that he ("Jack") is a guy who kind of likes to avoid things in life, he doesn't like controversies, he doesn't like complications in his life, he likes to observe, but he likes to be not involved and I'm so much like that in real life," Elliot said. "So when I read it I was like, 'I get this guy completely,' but at the same time he's a dad so when he has to he rises to the occasion."

So would the cast of this show want to know their future in real life if they could? Their answers might surprise you!

The cast of Hulu's 'Maggie' talks about if they would want to know their future if they could.

Season 1 of "Maggie" premieres in its entirety on Wednesday, July 6th on Hulu.