Nobody won that record Texas Lottery jackpot again

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Sunday, September 13, 2020
$36 million lottery jackpot up for grabs in Texas
It's the largest take in more than a decade. Are you planning to get a ticket?

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- Another Saturday night, and still, there was no winner in the Lotto Texas drawing for a record jackpot.

Nobody picked all six numbers drawn, so now the largest jackpot in more than a decade is even bigger, according to Lotto Texas.

Despite the big rollover to an estimated $41.25 million for the drawing to be held Wednesday, Sept. 16, 27 people hit five of six numbers Saturday and won more than $2,000 each.

If you still have your ticket, don't throw it away. There are several prizes that still need to be claimed.

The lucky winner could take home about $30 million after taxes. You could easily live off the interest if you put it all in a bank, or you could live on a cruise ship, paying about $650 a day, for about 127 years.

The odds of picking all 6 numbers is 1 in 25,827,165.

So far in 2020, there has only been one Lotto Texas jackpot winner. A Laredo resident claimed a prize of $17.5 million for the drawing held on Jan. 15, 2020.