Community rallies together to help make daily task smoother for Liberty County teen

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Saturday, December 18, 2021
Act of kindness leads to smoother way to school for teen
A Facebook group that started as a way to connect people wanting to donate to neighbors in need, made it possible for a seventh-grader to get to and from school a little easier.

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Liberty County seventh-grader who is wheelchair-bound is getting help from across county lines thanks to a Facebook Page. The "Love Thy Neighbor Chambers County" page started in 2020 as a way to connect people in need with neighbors who wanted to help.

"When it rains, my driveway gets really muddy and my wheelchair is really heavy, so it will sink into the mud and it will get stuck," explained 13-year-old Ethan Moore.

This school year has been a challenge for Ethan, who is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, who struggles in the mud trying to get from his house to the school bus every day.

"I was just going to build a little walkway for him, for his wheelchair out of donated bricks. I got ahold of Judge Blake Sylvia, who told me to make a post about it," explained Shannon Moore, Ethan's stepmom.

At first, Shannon, who said she has donated through the group before, was hesitant to make a request.

"I was like, 'I don't want to bother anybody with this stuff' and then I waited and waited and he got stuck again and I was like, 'Okay, I've got to ask," said Shannon.

So she made a post in the "Love Thy Neighbor Chambers County" Facebook group, just hoping for enough bricks to make a path for Ethan's wheelchair.

Sylvia started the group last year and saw Shannon's post. On the very same day she made the post, Sylvia got a call from a local business owner.

"I've never had anybody say, 'Judge, I've got six tons of crushed concrete, where do I need to donate it to?' So I thought it was a really good God moment," explained Sylvia.

Days later, Karl McCuistion, owner of KMac Services, was on his tractor and making a driveway for the Moores.

"I think Jesus just put it in my heart to try to help somebody...I can tell you this time last year, I was unemployed myself. I was laid off. He has blessed me tremendously this year and I wanted to bless somebody else," explained McCuistion.

The Moore Family said there's no question that the driveway has been a blessing.

"It is a lot better. I don't get stuck and I'd always be tracking mud throughout the school or the house because it will get a bunch of mud clumped up on the tires," Ethan said. "It makes me feel like really good that they wanted to help me out, or help us out."

"Makes you want to cry. It's kind of sweet because he didn't have to," said Shannon.

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