Teen gets life for fatally stabbing pregnant mom 57 times

LA MARQUE, Texas (KTRK) -- A teenager who killed his pregnant mother has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of capital murder in Galveston County.

Chance Michael Moseley was almost 15 years old in September 2015 when he stabbed his mom, Nita Marie Moseley, 57 times and strangled her with an electrical cord to "put her out of her misery."

The mom was 17 weeks pregnant at the time and lost her child.

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The verdict came down on Tuesday after the jury deliberated for nearly six hours. Chance, who is now 19 years old, testified in his own defense and admitted to stabbing his mom.

He admitted taking his mother's cell phone and removing the SIM card, which prevented him from being tracked.

His attorneys argued that Chance did not intend to kill his mother's unborn child and pointed out that the mother's stab wounds were everywhere on her body except for her abdomen.

As a child under 17, Chance was originally accused of the offense in juvenile court. The Juvenile Court conducted a four-day hearing in 2016 to decide whether he should be tried as an adult.

The juvenile court found that Moseley had the "sophistication and maturity" to understand his juvenile proceedings and was sufficiently sophisticated to assist his attorney in his own defense.


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