You can now get a COVID-19 rapid antibody test for $25 at Kroger

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Coronavirus Testing: What is a COVID-19 genetic, antigen and antibody test?
There has been a lot of talk about testing for the coronavirus, but you may not entirely understand what the different tests are for.

Kroger will now be offering a COVID-19 rapid antibody test to help inform patients if they currently have the virus or have been previously infected.

According to a release, the retail chain will be launching its rapid antibody testing across its pharmacies, while also extending its existing portfolio of in-clinic and at-home COVID-19 diagnostics tests.

The test has been authorized by the FDA and will be conducted by using a finger-prick blood sample. The tests are currently available in California and Michigan but will be available at all Kroger pharmacies by the end of November.

The tests will be available to customers for $25 and reportedly provide results in just 15 minutes.

So who is eligible for testing?

According to Kroger, the testing is available to customers who believe they may have been infected with the virus but were unable to access testing at the time of their potential infection. Also, patients must not be currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

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