Kinkaid School student starts virtual babysitting service to help teachers

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- We all know teachers are overwhelmed while teaching and taking care of their own children at home. So, a 10th grade student at The Kinkaid School in the Memorial area came up with an idea to help.

"It's kind of the first time I've really put something together, which has definitely been an interesting experience," said 16 year old Henry Segal. "I think I learned a lot about staying organized."

Segal has built a website called Student-Teacher, where high school students are matched with their teachers' children for half hour sessions. It's virtual babysitting, and it has made a big difference for many busy teachers.

"It's been incredibly helpful for me because I'm online with my students and while I'm doing that, they are able to learn about coding or they play a scavenger hunt game," said Kristen Bird, an English teacher at The Kinkaid School who has three kids.

So far, more than forty of Segal's classmates have signed up to volunteer.

"I've gotten positive feedback from basically everyone," Segal explained. "Some teachers even requesting specific students to work with from the last week."

"It's really fun to see my students grow up and start to contribute in ways like this," Bird said.

Other schools are also getting involved. If you'd like to participate as a teacher or a student, go here:
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