Here's how you can 'earn while you learn' through becoming funeral director in Katy

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
How to 'earn while you learn' through job opportunity in Katy
Do you want a job that strives to help others cope through a difficult time? Check out the paid apprenticeship at Katy Funeral Home.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking for a job that helps others, there's an "earn while you learn" opportunity that can make a difference.

At Katy Funeral Home, there's a gap between some of its workers.

"This is a time when they're really struggling," said Sherry Davies, who started nearly 30 years ago. "They need somebody there to support them and give them a little bit of guidance."

Benjamin Segall just recently started as a funeral director.

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"I originally wanted to become a mental health counselor," said Segall.

While there's a gap in the amount of time they've done this, each of them got into it because they want to help others.

"It's not only enough to want to care for people, but to be able to say you were the one to help a family through this," Segall said.

The funeral home is looking for more to break into the business. It's offering an apprenticeship. While attending mortuary school, you can learn how to be a funeral director and get paid while doing it.

"While serving their apprenticeship, I would say somewhere between $16 to $18 an hour," Davies said.

After a year, you can become a director.

Segall said he went from Katy Funeral Home to Geo. H. Lewis & Sons Funeral Directors in the Galleria.

Dignity Memorial owns about 30 funeral homes in the Houston area. If you're interested in the apprenticeship, you can find one at its many locations. During the program, students learn about the business and how to work with grieving families.

"An individual who may have interest in this position is somebody who wants to care for somebody during one of their lowest times in their life," Davies said.

It's a position that helps people cope with troubling times, but it's also one that Segall said beats working at a desk.

"You want something where it's moving and it's constantly changing and you're constantly having to adapt, then this is the job for you," Segall said.

It's a job proving that no matter how long you've been in it, if you are interested in helping others, it's rewarding.

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