Croissants stolen during 8th burglary at Third Ward's Kaffeine Coffee, owner says

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Saturday, October 7, 2023
Third Ward's Kaffeine Coffee targeted by burglars for 8th time in 10 years, owner Orgena Keener says
"I often wonder what crooks be thinking about when they decide to shatter a business owner's dream," read an Instagram caption of a photo showing the front door shattered with glass everywhere.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A coffee shop owner in the Third Ward is picking up the pieces again after her shop suffered another break-in.

Kaffeine Coffee at 5225 Almeda Road was hit by burglars for the eighth time in just 10 years.

Owner Orgena Keener said the criminals stole their register with petty cash inside, ransacked their kitchen and stole croissants they were in the process of making.

ABC13 watched as customers arrived at the coffee shop on Friday morning only to find the doors locked and a note on the door.

The sign said, "Attention Kaffeine and Jevi customers, business hours will resume the week of Oct. 10. Thank you for your support."

"It's shocking," Chris Jackson, a customer, said. "I wouldn't want that to happen to me."

The business posted a photo on Instagram Thursday that shows the front door shattered with glass everywhere. In the comments, the owner said the kitchen was trashed.

Keener said she is overwhelmed by the latest break-in.

"I often wonder what crooks be thinking about when they decide to shatter a business owner's dream. I'm so irritated right now. I can spit," the photo's caption read.

She also expressed on social media that this may drive her out of the area.

Darryl Harper, a loyal customer who lives nearby, told ABC 13 that he was stunned to hear about the break-in. He said he hates to hear that Keener is dealing with crime, because she is an asset to the community.

"I probably would hurt in the gut," Harper said after learning she was considering moving. "I would miss her style of food and if she does move I hope she doesn't move too far away."

ABC13's Safety Tracker shows the area where Kaffeine Coffee is located has had 77 burglaries in the last 12 months. The area also includes the Texas Medical Center, Hermann Park, the Houston zoo and the Miller Outdoor Theater.

Surrounding areas, including Midtown, the Third Ward and NRG area, have all seen higher numbers of burglaries in the same time period.

The area surrounding Rice University, which is located to the west of Keener's restaurant, has had 53 burglaries in the last year.

ABC13's Neighborhood Safety Tracker shows there have been 77 burglaries in the area over the last 12 months.

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"They took the register, not our soul," said the coffee shop's owner, who said she's determined to overcome this battle with the help of her community.

Back in 2020, ABC13 caught up with Kaffeine Coffee after their seventh break-in happened.

The owner pleaded for help from police.

"If someone sees a police officer at Kaffeine Coffee all the time or somewhere near or across the street or whatever, they might have second thoughts," Keener said.

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