Meet the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office newest K9 deputy, "Duco"

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office recently welcomed a new member to its ranks. That member, however, is a dog named Duco and he is ready to take a bite out of crime.

The K9 was sworn in Wednesday as the agency's newest dual purpose dog. His K9 handler, Deputy Justin Cloud, trained Duco in Louisiana. Duco can detect narcotics and help with patrol operations.

Sheriff Troy Nehls pinned a badge on Duco and congratulated the dog for completing the training program.
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"It's awesome. It something that you can't even describe," said Deputy Cloud. "He helps us, the residents of Fort Bend County. He could possibly save my life or other officers in the other municipalities of Fort Bend County."

Duco will be fitted for a bulletproof vest.

"I love that he stays so balanced. He loves being petted but when something goes wrong, he can snap in a moment and flip a switch," said Deputy Cloud.

Acquiring a dog like Duco costs upwards of $20,000.
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