Major FOMO factor follows student-led play showcase at Jordan High School

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Friday, April 14, 2023
Jordan High School presents 'Theatre X'
The Jordan High School theater department has been preparing all year for this moment, as it presents its second annual showcase of plays written and directed by students.

FULSHEAR, Texas (KTRK) -- "It's a little terrifying, 'cause you get a lot of this creative liberty."

Martina Balduzzi is used to the limelight of Jordan High School's black box theater. But when the house lights dim for its original play showcase "Theatre X," opening April 20, she won't be anywhere near center stage.

Instead, the senior is calling the shots on "The Ticking Clock," a psychological thriller in the vein of "The Twilight Zone," about a man who unravels while waiting for a doctor's appointment.

"I act a lot, and so it's cool because I get to direct from an actor's perspective," Balduzzi said.

After a long school year, these thespians are leaving it all on stage as they present six student-written and directed plays over three nights, and one matinee.

"Theatre X is an amalgamation and a wonderful combination of theater and education," senior Tyler Royer said. "Every single play is very unique. There's no play I can think of that is exactly the same."

Also featured are stories of a homicidal prince on a fantasy-driven quest, an anxious college student confronted by a knock at the door, and a character facing judgment for his actions in the afterlife.

For playwrights Spurti Challa and Felix Joshi, "Theatre X" represented a chance to see how their peers would perceive the worlds they built.

"I've always wanted to see my characters come to life," said Challa, whose play, "The Heist," was chosen for this year's showcase.

Joshi said out of all of this year's shows, this one has major FOMO factor - a fear of missing out.

"It's one of a kind," Joshi added. "These shows have never happened anywhere else. There's a pretty good chance they won't happen anywhere else."

"Theatre X" runs April 20-22. For tickets, visit the Jordan Theatre Company website.

Jordan High School is located at 27500 Fulshear Bend Dr., in Fulshear.