Well-known Houston LGBTQ+ advocate dies after being hospitalized with COVID in ICU

John Buchanan had contracted the delta variant and was fully vaccinated

Friday, September 3, 2021
Houston LGBTQ+ advocate fighting COVID in the ICU
John Buchanan, a well-known figure in Houston's LGBTQ+ community, is fighting COVID in the ICU despite being fully vaccinated.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- John Buchanan, a well-known advocate in the LGBTQ+ community, died of COVID-19 Thursday night.

Buchanan, 57, had recently contracted the delta variant and was battling the virus in the ICU.

It happened after Buchanan returned from a trip to Kentucky in late July.

"He got back on Saturday, July 25. So shortly after that flight, he felt bad and he developed a fever," his best friend Natalie Henshilwood told ABC13. "He tested positive for COVID on July 30. He was admitted to the hospital on August 4 with the delta variant."

She said Buchanan got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but he had underlying conditions, including high blood pressure.

"He was pre-diabetic and he was on medications for both," said Henshilwood earlier this week.

Buchanan was intubated and on dialysis.

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He said he was diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia. Doctors told him they couldn't let him go home because "there's no oxygen" to release him.

He was well-known in the pageant circuit and worked for an airline, drove for Uber, and worked as a real estate agent.

While Buchanan had the vaccine, more than 90% of hospitalized patients are not vaccinated.

Buchanan's husband, Osmar, contracted the virus, too, but did not end up in the hospital. He had a mild case.

Henshilwood created a GoFundMe to give back to others in honor of her friend, a man who has touched so many lives.

According to his GoFundMe page, Buchanan wanted to live so he could plan a trip to Disney with all of his friends.

A candlelight vigil was set to be held in his honor Friday night in the parking lot of HCA Houston Healthcare in Kingwood. The vigil was scheduled for 8 p.m., with a novena, or form of prayer, following right after.

The video above is from Marla Carter's report earlier this week on Buchanan's COVID battle.

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