What fans get when JJ Watt says 'ask me anything'

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Monday, July 8, 2019
Ask him anything: JJ Watt opens floor to fans on Instagram
No. 99 opened the floor to his 3.6 million followers through an Instagram Stories "ask me anything" on Sunday.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- What do we already know about J.J. Watt?

We know he's charitable, that his golf game is, we'll say, on par, and Houston Dash star Kealia Ohai is his future wife.

So what more would you want to know about the Houston Texans star that isn't already out in the open?

No. 99 opened the floor to his 3.6 million followers through an Instagram Stories "ask me anything" on Sunday.

While celebrating his grandmother's birthday, he shifted his focus to an "ask me a question" prompt, and fans took advantage.

Throughout the day, Watt answered questions on a wide range of subjects, including his health and fitness routine, his favorite thing about Texas, what he would do if he wasn't playing football, what inspires him, how he takes his coffee, and what he eats.

Here's a sampling of what he answered:

  • Favorite Astro: "Jose Altuve, of course," Watt said. (Sorry, Bregman.) The superstar pair have a well-documented friendship off the field. The two were even named co-Sportpersons of the Year by Sports Illustrated.
  • When is his cheat day? Watt documents his diet and workout regimen almost daily, but he does love to indulge. He offered his take on cheat days, explaining that he doesn't have a set time of the week to scarf down. "Whenever I feel like it's a good time for one," he said, while also showing off a photo of a cup of custard from Culver's, a fast food chain in his home state of Wisconsin.
  • Favorite things about Texas: Simply enough, "The people, the diversity, the pride, the food, the love of football."
  • What he would do if the NFL wasn't his dayjob: The ever-present athlete said he would coach high school football if he wasn't playing on the field, and also take on another job. "I don't think that pays enough haha!" He later said he would play in the NHL if he still could be a professional athlete.
  • Key to his workouts: Watt is a super-athlete, but he's just like us, if his answer to this says anything. "Consistency," he said. "There are plenty of days that I may not WANT to do them. But learning to put aside what I want NOW for what I want to accomplish LATER is the key."
  • Favorite restaurant in Houston: Kirby area sushi restaurant, Kata Robata
  • Favorite place to travel: He said Rome, but instead of just posting a photo of the Colosseum along with that answer, he of course showed off a previous vacation where his hotel window overlooks the legendary structure. Hashtag: Travel goals.
  • How he takes his coffee: Watt is an avid coffee drinker, but that wasn't the case in the past. "I never used to like coffee. And then when I did drink it, I always needed lots of cream and sugar," Watt explained, eventually saying that he takes one cup of black a day.
  • Favorite book: "The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How" by Daniel Coyle
  • Favorite things about Kealia Ohai: It's gushing time. "She is caring, sweet, kind, beautiful, confident, driven. She makes me better. She's helped me through my most difficult days and been by my side for some of the most beautiful days."

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