Daycare worker says mom accused of killing son 'deserves everything coming her way'

Saturday, April 3, 2021
Daycare worker calls arrest in boy's death 'bittersweet'
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A teacher at the daycare facility where 6-year-old Jason Sanchez attended spoke with ABC13 about his death. The boy's mom is accused of feeding him NyQuil and meth so she can cash out his life insurance policy. The teacher, who said she found out about the boy's death through a detective, has a strong message for the boy's mother.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The daycare teacher of Jason Sanchez-Marks, the 6-year-old boy who died after his mother allegedly gave him lethal amounts of NyQuil and street meth, remembers him as the "sweetest boy you'd ever meet."

Wendy Tellez described the boy as happy and healthy just a week before he died. Tellez said Jason loved to dance and dress up as a ninja.

She said she often cared for him and his younger sister in the absence of their mother, Ashley Marks.

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"I had him with me day and night, weekdays and weekends" said Tellez. "I loved him as if he were my own."

She also said the 25-year-old mother often said work prevented her from picking up the kids and would ask Tellez to step in.

"We miss Jason so much. I just miss him running around my apartment," said Tellez. "It's something you don't think you'd ever go through."

Now, Jason's mom is facing a capital murder charge. She is accused of overdosing her son with NyQuil, street meth and cocaine in order to collect two insurance policies worth $100,000.

Tellez said she wasn't surprised by Thursday's arrest of Marks. She first heard the stunning accusations against her from a detective.

"I don't wish death upon her at all, but she deserves everything that's coming her way," said Tellez. "She really does."

Marks is being held in the Harris County jail without bond. She's due back in court Monday morning.

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