How to file a claim against ITC for illness or damage from smoke

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Friday, March 22, 2019
What you claims you can file against ITC after fire
What you claims you can file against ITC after fire | ABC13's Nick Natario breaks it down

DEER PARK, Houston (KTRK) -- After days of burning tanks, ITC is offering individuals and businesses a way to get compensated for the Deer Park fire.

Some neighbors living near the plant are wondering what help is available now that the fire is out. On Wednesday, ITC released claim forms.

There are forms for individuals and businesses.

If you missed work, saw a doctor, or have other expenses tied to the fire, complete the five-page form, and submit it within the next three months.

Ryan Zehl of Zehl & Associates said he expects a number of people to look for compensation.

"They have asthma and it's worse," Zehl said. "They're spitting up blood, they're vomiting. They have headaches. They're sick, and they don't know what they're breathing, so they're scared."

Through June 25, individuals, and businesses can file a compensation claim.

We've asked the company how many claims have been submitted, but officials aren't sure.

Before you claim, Zehl said read carefully, because he says by receiving money, you can't sue ITC.

"What happens if you accept $1,000 because that covers your medical bills today, but then in three months from now you're diagnosed with Leukemia?" Zehl asked.

If you're unsure what to do, Zehl said start by seeing a doctor. Then, speak to an attorney. Since Monday, he's heard from a number of people.

"In the past three days, we've had over 200 people contact us," Zehl recalled. "So, I would say based on that alone, it is going to be a big deal."

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