50 years of compassion: Interfaith of The Woodlands

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Thursday, November 16, 2023
50 years of compassion: Interfaith of The Woodlands
This dedicated organization has been a beacon of hope for countless families in need.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- For as long as the master-planned community of The Woodlands has been around, so has an organization in the community that continues to make a difference.

The work never stops at The Interfaith of The Woodlands. Volunteers and staff race to fill bags and shelves so neighbors in need can receive help.

Each bag is filled with at least four meals for a family of four. A lifeline so many needed during the pandemic, including Sara Clayton.

"It affected me in a negative way because I didn't have any income at all," Clayton recalled.

Clayton said the Interfaith of the Woodlands helped her with food, and rent. A boost that made a difference for a couple years.

She was good until last month. Clayton's husband of 45 years passed away.

"It was his income that we survived on," Clayton explained. "After he passed, I tried to get income through his Social Security and I still don't have it."

Clayton once again reached out to the Interfaith of the Woodlands. This time, they helped with food, and bills, including electricity and rent.

"If it wasn't for Interfaith, I may have been homeless by now because I had no other option," Clayton said. "I had no other way."

Clayton isn't alone. The interfaith serves thousands of families and seniors in The Woodlands. An organization that celebrated 50 years last month.

"It's because the visionaries of this great community knew it was important for people to have a place to go," Interfaith of the Woodlands president & CEO, Missy Herndon said. "It's the community that supports our efforts."

It's not just the Woodlands. Interfaith helps families and seniors across southern Montgomery County with it's number of services. "What we do is come in and help support through the month with the goal of you being able to get right back on your feet next month," Herndon explained.

A bounce back Clayton knows firsthand. After getting help during the pandemic, she went back to the same group after losing her husband because it's a place she knows doesn't stop giving back to the community.

"Don't be embarrassed to ask for help because sometime in our life each one of us does need help one way or the other," Clayton said.