Here's what TxDOT says about putting parts of I-45 underground and flooding

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
TxDOT addresses I-45 project flooding concerns
Check out latest notes TxDOT released on the I-45 expansion project for commuters like you to review and give feedback.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The I-45 expansion and downtown remodel is closer to breaking ground.

TxDOT released a CliffsNotes version of the Final Environmental Impact Statement, a way for commuters to review the latest plans on the project. This plan is more definitive as it incorporates feedback from the last public comment period.

The FEIS also takes into account flooding, one of the hot button issues of the project.

According to TxDOT's document, the managed lanes of the project, including the ones that are below ground level, are designed to accommodate the 500-year storm event model and rainfall levels similar to the Memorial Day, Tax Day and Hurricane Harvey flood events.

The document also specifically addresses air quality, displacement of homes and businesses, and construction.

The project aims to widen I-45 from downtown to Beltway 8 and merge I-45 with portions of US-59 and I-10 in downtown. Opposition groups, such as Stop I-45, say this project will be harmful to communities in and around downtown.

The downtown portion of the project is funded and is expected to break ground late next year.

The public comment period for this round ends Nov. 9.

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