'We really need some help': Brazoria County residents rebuild after Hurricane Nicholas

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Saturday, September 18, 2021
Brazoria man found stuck under tree after Hurricane Nicholas struck
When Hurricane Nicholas first made landfall, ABC13 brought you images of a large tree that had fallen on homes in Brazoria County. We're catching up with the impacted families days later.

BRAZORIA, Texas (KTRK) -- Days after Hurricane Nicholas swept through southeast Texas, many are still without power and others are dealing with extensive repairs.

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"I'm alive. I need to go back to work and get back on my feet. That's all," said Steven Watkins.

Watkins and his neighbor, Tresa Thompson, were home on the evening of Sept. 13 when Nicholas struck.

Just before 10 p.m., Thompson said she heard, "a big old boom and the ceiling fell."

A large tree had fallen on their homes in the Oakwood Village RV Park in Brazoria.

Thompson called 911, and when firefighters arrived to rescue her, they also found Watkins.

His legs were stuck under the fallen tree.

"The roof is off. I'm pinned under the tree," he said. "I'm like, 'This ain't good,' you know? But I prayed. I prayed, and sure enough, the people came and they never backed out. The fire department was great."

Watkins underwent surgery and is now on crutches.

He and others will now start the difficult job of rebuilding.

"We really need some help and Brazoria County needs to figure out how to help their people and their residents when things like this are going on. I even called the mayor," said Marlena Thompson, Tresa's niece.

The Thompsons started a GoFundMe page for anyone who would like to contribute to their efforts in rebuilding.

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