Most intense moments from Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles

Thursday, August 27, 2020
Most intense moments from Hurricane Laura at Lake Charles
WATCH: Here's a compilation of some of the most intense visuals ABC13's Ted Oberg captured this morning as Laura made landfall.

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KTRK) -- As Hurricane Laura roared on shore as a powerful Category 4 hurricane in Louisiana, Eyewitness News experienced the storm's fury head on in Lake Charles, where the winds maxed out at 132 mph.

ABC13's Ted Oberg and photojournalist David Aguillard watched the storm and took cover at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

When Laura first made landfall, Oberg experienced high wind gusts. Trees around the resort could be seen bending in the wake of the intense winds.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, feels initial impact from Laura

From the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles, Louisiana, ABC13's Ted Oberg shows the initial impact of from Hurricane Laura ahead of landfall.

After initial landfall, Laura's winds picked up. The power quickly went out and Oberg captured uprooted trees on their sides.

Hurricane Laura lands and lights are out in Lake Charles

Remarkable how quickly things change: Laura makes landfall with intense conditions in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Ted Oberg captured the moments.

As the storm intensified, areas around the resort began to experience damage. Oberg was live inside a parking structure when fencing came loose and went flying.

Ted Oberg gets too close with a wind-battered fence

A somewhat nervous moment captured on camera: Ted Oberg surveys the wind damage at Golden Nugget Lake Charles and then the wind picked up...

One of the most surprising moments from his coverage came when the Golden Nugget resort began to let out an eerie whistle due to the winds. The whistling sound was so loud, it could be mistaken for an alarm.

Hurricane Laura's strong winds cause ear-piercing eerie whistle

This is a must-see! ABC13's Ted Oberg experienced eerie whistling at Golden Nugget Lake Charles as Laura's winds whipped the resort. No, it isn't an alarm you're hearing.

Eventually, foam roof pieces began flying off the resort hotel. Oberg was live as debris went flying.

Hurricane Laura sends hotel roof pieces flying

Forecasters predicted damaging winds, and that was not a lie. Ted Oberg gave a play-by-play of roof pieces flying in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

VIDEO: Downed trees, damaged homes in Lake Charles after Hurricane Laura

Residents in one Lake Charles neighborhood are cleaning up after Hurricane Laura downed trees and damaged homes.

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