These stores are working to make sure customers have items ahead of Laura

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Stores restocking shelves as Houstonians prep for Hurricane Laura
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With a storm on the way and evacuation orders in place in certain areas, Houston stores are restocking their shelves to make sure people have what they need ahead of Laura's landfall.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- H-E-B is limiting the number of cases of water customers can buy in Houston stores to make sure all customers can get what they need.

Hurricane Laura's landfall is predicted Wednesday night or early Thursday morning as a Category 3 hurricane. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Houston.

Eric Lucas, an associate at a Home Depot located off of West Loop South, said that by Tuesday morning they ran out of generators and plastic tarps.

"We're already suffering from shortages of building materials from COVID-19, so we're short on plywood for the last month. Now, we're going to have a rush from the hurricane, so this is just a double whammy of just bad news," Lucas said.

He said what typically sells first are batteries and flashlights, followed by water and generators.

Two other locations, on Chimney Rock Road and the other on Westheimer were stocked with generators when we checked on Tuesday.

Four representatives with Lowe's around the area told ABC13 the stores ordered generators every day and they would sell out again within a few hours.

Houston-raised Yusef Eter was picking up some last minute items, but said he started preparing in advance.

"First, get all the food supplies you can get, and everything you can get to have your house secure," Eter said.

Thomas Landon was making one last stop, too. Landon said he just finished the final repairs to his home after Hurricane Harvey struck three years ago. He said he hopes his remodeled home will not get hit as hard during Hurricane Laura, but he's putting sandbags down and getting prepared.

"Things that you have downstairs, I would advise you to move them upstairs now. That's where a lot of our property costs were. We left them downstairs because we just didn't think it was going to hit," Landon said, referring to Hurricane Harvey's destructive force in 2017. "I think people are getting ready a little more ahead of time."

Lucas said Houstonians should prepare for power outages that could possibly last for weeks.

"If you can just be in contact with your family friends and loved ones, let them know you're okay, that's the most important thing to do in the next couple of weeks," Lucas said. "Home Depot is usually the last one to close and the first one to open, so we will be here for people when they need help."

You can find more on H-E-B product purchase limits on their website.