Texas Prison Museum shows the good and bad of the prison system

HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- Huntsville's Texas Prison Museum is unlike any museum in the world. It is home to the good and bad history of the incarceration system.

The first thing you will see when you walk in is the first electric chair, first used in 1924. It was used until 1964, with more than 360 men dying in the chair.

The museum's most popular exhibits are on the Prison Rodeo, and it's Bonnie and Clyde collection.

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The Texas Prison Museum also shows signs of hope from behind bars. It has a vast collection of items made by inmates, including artwork, woodwork, poems, and stories.

David Stacks, director of the Texas Prison Museum, said "Everybody that comes in here may not agree with what we have here in the museum. But they certainly will find it fascinating."

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