No survivors after Black Hawk helicopter crash in Alabama, officials say

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Thursday, February 16, 2023
Video captures moment military helicopter crashes in Alabama, killing 2
No survivors after a military helicopter crash in Madison County, Alabama, according to a spokesperson with the Madison County sheriff's office

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- There are no survivors after a military helicopter crash in Madison County, Alabama, according to Brent Patterson, a spokesperson with the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

ABC News has learned the helicopter belonged to the Tennessee National Guard, according to officials.

"Just as we got, made the right turn, we heard this very loud, like a car with no, without a muffler. But we knew it was in the sky. Looking up in the air, saw the helicopter go over our head and bam, we heard a hit. We saw it hit the ground, and it exploded, and hit the ground. I thought it was in the field, came out here and checked and found out it was in the median on Highway 53. I just hollered, 'My Lord. Oh, my God,' because nobody could have survived that," said Tammy Adams, who witnessed the crash.

"A UH-60 Helicopter crashed on Alabama 53 near the intersection of Burrell Road in Madison County. Troopers with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's (ALEA) Highway Patrol Division in-conjunction with deputies from the Madison County Sheriff's Office are assisting with securing the scene," ALEA said in a statement.

"I was like, that's kind of like a airplane or helicopter or something, but it sounds pretty low. I was like, 'That's pretty loud,' and it didn't sound like a normal, I guess, motor or engine or anything," said Chermonica Johnson, who also witnessed the crash. "It sounded like it was sick if you want to put it that way. And then next thing you know, when I was on like the door, boom. Went outside, the neighbors, they were like, 'oh my god, do you see the smoke behind your house?' That's kind of how it went. I was like, 'oh my god, the kids and I here off the bus.' So immediately I'm thinking something happen with kids on the bus. So I'm nervous. Honestly, I just prayed. I was just like, there's no way I was thinking about it got out of it. I was panicking really even though I wasn't in it. So I really didn't know what else to think outside of it. You know, maybe cars were coming down the road or you know anything or what if that was our houses or the school bus because they come that way. "

Officials say two people died in the crash.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of two Tennessee National Guardsmen, and our prayers are with their families during this heartbreaking tragedy," said Brig. Gen. Warner Ross, Tennessee's adjutant general. "We ask Tennesseans to join us in supporting their families during this time of unthinkable grief," the Tennessee National Guard said in a statement.

No other service members or civilians were harmed in this incident, according to officials.

Federal and state authorities are investigating the crash, and the Tennessee National Guard said they will support law enforcement and other first responders handling the crash site.

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