Take a tasty tour of Asiatown with the "Karaoke Queen"

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Welcome to Asiatown: A tour with the 'Karaoke Queen'
Welcome to Asiatown: A tour with the "Karaoke Queen"

Houston's Asiatown contains many restaurants, but a frequent visitor to the area says you can't file all of them under the same umbrella.

"Chinese is too broad," said Victoria Ma. "You'll have Szechuan-style, Hong Kong-style, there's Taiwanese, a few Japanese places, and Vietnamese."

In this ABC13+ tour of Asiatown, Ma takes ABC13's Chaz Miller to some of her all-time favorite restaurants in the neighborhood - including Shabu House, House of Bowls, and Tan Tan.

Additionally, they pay a visit to Neway Restaurant and Lounge, a popular karaoke bar on Bellaire Boulevard. Ma, nicknamed the "Karaoke Queen," frequently visits Neway, in addition to duties singing at various events in the community.

In addition to eating and singing, Victoria and Chaz discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Asiatown, the resiliency of the community, and what makes the neighborhood so welcoming.

"There's something for everybody here," said Ma.