JJ Watt posts his number for fans to text him

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Texans fans know star defensive end J.J. Watt as arguably the team's most famous player.

So, how would getting the chance to talk directly with Watt sound?

On Tuesday, No. 99 posted a video on his social media accounts along with the caption "text me. 262.404.3664."

In the video, Watt explained that he has begun texting directly to fans after discussing with a friend about his interaction with them on social media.

When fans text the number, a message is sent by auto-reply along with a link that asks you to register your number.

Once you enter your name, number, city and email address, you get another auto-reply.

"Perfect you're all setup, thanks. From here out if you get a text it will be straight from me. Can't promise on the consistency, but I'm gonna do my best with my schedule," the message reads.
The reply also includes an address book entry for J.J. Watt complete with a photo.

Some fans have already received responses from Watt.

The Texans star shared a screen grab on his Facebook page of a conversation with a student who told him, "My professor said the whole class gets 100% on our final next week if you text me back!!!"

Watt wasn't sure if he was being pranked, but he had well wishes for the student anyway.

"Ethan, idk if you're pulling my leg or if the professor is pulling your leg. But you make sure you get that 100% on your final!" Watt wrote back.

As of around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Watt said he had responded to a couple hundred texts already, but his inbox was sitting at more than 25,000 messages.

"One thing I can say is I truly appreciate all the kind words," he said.

A search of the number and prefix returns with a location of Thiensville, Wisconsin, which is outside of Milwaukee.

ABC13 also called the number, which goes to an outgoing voicemail message of Watt directing callers to text.

Watt has some time on hands to interact with fans. He is recovering from a season-ending injury.

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