2 Houston sports teams offering fans much needed pick-me-up

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's been a rough week for Houston sports fans, but for those looking for a much needed pick-me-up, you have a couple of options with two fresh franchises.

A Texans playoff loss doesn't mean you need to wait months for professional football. Inside TDECU Stadium at the University of Houston, the city's newest football team is taking shape.

The week following the Super Bowl, XFL football will kick off, and the Houston Roughnecks are hoping fans gravitate towards them.

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"Like Deshaun Watson makes a lot of exciting plays, DeAndre Hopkins makes a lot of exciting plays, we've got a quarterback who can move around," said XFL player Sammy Coates. "We have two quarterbacks who can throw the ball down the field. We've got a lot of great athletes down here. So, it's going to be awesome to watch these guys get going."

The XFL features several former NFL players, including Coates. Games are played at UH's stadium with tickets starting at $24 a game.

It's professional football, but there are different rules, which players hope will make the game go faster, and allow for more scoring.

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"It's going to be a heck of a show," Coates said. "It's going to be lights out, numbers running up the scoreboard. It's going to be crazy."

There's another professional team that looks like football, but it isn't. On Saturday, the Houston SaberCats, a rugby team, will begin their third season.

"No padding or such," explained Houston SaberCats player Sam Windsor. "It's shoulder on shoulder tackling. No helmets. We teach safe tackling from a young age."

While they aren't new, the SaberCats do have a new arena. Aveva Stadium is located south of the city just off Highway 288. Tickets start at $20 for adults and $10 for kids.

"I just encourage Houston public to get out there and get over the blues they might be feeling and come and experience a new sport and have some fun," said SaberCats player Luke Beauchamp said.

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