Redistricting discussion tagged at city council meeting due to lack of Hispanic representation

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Why city council tags vote on new redistricting maps
Council members didn't take any action, but the Hispanic community is closely watching, as it makes up about 50% of Houston's population. Yet, there is only one Hispanic on city council.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Every 10 years, the city of Houston changes its boundaries when it comes to city council districts, meaning redistricting can change who represents you at city hall.

Some people may not even know which district they are in. However, there is a growing concern in one community about voter representation in these districts.

Redistricting was on the agenda Wednesday at Houston City Hall, but as it often happens, the issue was tagged, meaning council members did not take any action.

It is being closely watched by members in the Hispanic community, as Hispanics represent about 50% of Houston's population. Despite that, there is only one Hispanic on city council.

Members of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce tell ABC13 that they have been working hard to expand Hispanic representation in the district so that their voices can be more adequately heard at city council.

"We understand that we must be at the table in order for our issues to be heard, and it is time to have more representation that is reflective of the demographics," Laura Murillo, with the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said. "If we are not at the table then we don't have the opportunity to address those issues, and so once again, redistricting will play a very important part."

The discussion on the topic was delayed because not all the city council members were present. However, it is being closely watched by members themselves because if the lines move then they will have to canvass different areas of town.

The redrawn voter maps are aligned with the 2020 census.

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