Houston residents raise concerns over big rig traffic in historic neighborhood

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Residents of the Pleasantville neighborhood in east Houston want the city to interfere with what they're calling a "big rig problem" in their historic neighborhood.

"It's bringing down the value of our neighborhood," one resident told ABC13.

Despite the "No thru Trucks," signs in the neighborhood, residents said they continue to deal with big rigs squeezing through their streets and leaving a mess behind.

A number of photographs and videos sent to Eyewitness News show trucks getting stuck in a massive pothole after trying to turn down the neighborhood streets.

Neighbors said the massive and deep pothole was brought on by the trucks cutting through their neighborhood.

"We shouldn't have to go through this," said Eric Davis, who has lived in the neighborhood for 62 years.

The neighborhood stands right in the middle of the industrial area of east Houston. Big trucks on the main road are nothing new, but it's the traffic through their small intimate neighborhood the neighbors say is ruining it.

"One, it's an eyesore. Two, if you're driving in your car and you are not familiar with this area and you turn, you're going right into that pothole," said Davis.

One photo shows a truck stuck in a ditch and leaned onto a powerline. Residents said CenterPoint Energy was able to stabilize the line back to normal, but it's still a big concern.

"They're going to hit that pole and that pole is going to tumble over," said Margarita Viel, who lives on the corner of Candy Street. Viel said she fears the pole will end up in her home.

Eyewitness News reached out to the city on Tuesday, as well as Tashara Jackson who is the council member over this district. The city responded and said they are working with police and public works to find a solution.
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