All 6 victims identified in downtown Houston crash that killed D.J. Hayden and 2 former teammates

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
DJ Hayden killed: Houston police confirm identities of 6 people dead in Fannin and Pierce crash
Police said the at-fault driver slammed into an SUV that had a woman and three former UH football players inside. A homeless man who was hit by one of the vehicles was also identif

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police released new details in the downtown crash this weekend that injured two and killed six, including three former University of Houston football players.

Officers said that at 2 a.m. on Saturday, a car speeding south on Fannin Street ran a red light and crashed into an SUV traveling eastbound on Pierce Street.

On Monday, officers identified the at-fault driver as Christian Herrera.

A memorial at the crash site displays photos of him, and social media accounts indicate he worked in the oil and gas industry.

Officers said Herrera hit an SUV driven by Lauren Robinson, a woman of faith who grew up in the Missouri City Baptist Church.

"She has always been a quiet young lady," Missouri City Baptist Pastor Dennis Young said. "Always thinking. Always positive. It was a joy to pastor her."

Another memorial at the crash site honors the three former UH football players who were killed: D.J. Hayden, Ralph Oragwu, and Zachary McMillian.

McMillian's family sent a statement that said, "The McMillian family appreciates all those who have reached out and asks for your continued prayers and well wishes for all those affected by this devastating tragedy."

On Monday, officers also identified the homeless man who was killed in the crash. According to authorities, Herrera's car crashed into Frank Robinson, who was at the underpass.

Robinson's friends raised concerns to us about the intersection where the crash happened on Saturday.

"It's the lights," they said. "The lights aren't timed right."

ABC13 reached out to Public Works, and a spokesperson responded with this statement:

"Houston Public Works maintains more than 16,000 lane miles of streets. That's the distance from Houston to Tokyo and back. Our Transportation Operations team manages 3,000 signalized intersections that include 10 individual signals per intersection. Our team investigated the current signal timing on Fannin and Pierce and did not find any issues with the timing, progression, or visibility of the lights. Records indicate that no one has called 311 with requests for service or maintenance at this location. Houston Public Works encourages the community to let us know if there are issues with signal timing or flashing red lights by calling 311."

A University of Houston spokesperson told Eyewitness News there would be a moment of silence for the victims before Monday's men's basketball game.

The three former football players and Lauren Robinson attended Fort Bend ISD. The district sent ABC13 a statement:

Fort Bend ISD joins those in our community who are mourning the tragic deaths of former FBISD students D.J. Hayden, Zach McMillan, Ralph Oragwu, and Lauren Robinson-Holliday. They each achieved great things as young adults. They remained close to family, friends, and loved ones in our community. We offer our sincere condolences to all who knew and loved them and are grappling with this tremendous loss. We also extend our thoughts and prayers to those who remain in the hospital.

Two people survived the crash. On Monday, HPD said the injured man is stable at the hospital, while the injured woman is in critical condition. Both of them are able to speak with officers as HPD continues to investigate.