Texas bioscience company makes colossal move to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Toddler finds mammoth tooth in Florida
Over time, there have been spottings of woolly mammoth remains. Now, a company is hoping to bring the extinct herbivore back to life.

HOUSTON, Texas -- In a move that may conjure up fanciful thoughts of a particular Steven Spielberg film, a newly launched bioscience and genetics company with ties to Austin and Dallas is pioneering a plan to ensure the long-extinct woolly mammoth will once again trudge through the Arctic tundra.

(No need to panic, movie fans, as the furry beast is an herbivore and has no taste for human flesh, lest we forget the lessons learned from "Jurassic Park.")

The appropriately named Colossal, which is based across Austin, Dallas, and Boston, has secured $15 million in funding from a variety of sources (including Austin-based Capital Factory and famed self-help guru Tony Robbins) to bring the woolly mammoth back from its roughly 10,000-year extinction.

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