Prosecutor warned about METRORail stabbing suspect before incident: 'This man will kill someone'

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Thursday, November 3, 2022
METRORail stabbing suspect has lengthy criminal record
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A man accused of fatally stabbing a woman on the METRORail has a long rap sheet, with his criminal behavior being the same.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Just days after authorities released surveillance images of the man accused of fatally stabbing a METRORail rider in southeast Houston, we're getting our first look at him in court.

Wednesday morning, 52-year-old Christopher Washington appeared in probable cause court on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. That will likely be upgraded to murder since the victim, Alexis Jerrell, died from her injuries.

In August, Washington allegedly assaulted a bank teller in downtown Houston, but was let out due to it being a misdemeanor assault, and what prosecutors call their hands being tied under Harris County's bond reform rules.

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"Because it's on our list of things we're not allowed to ask for higher bonds, he was essentially immediately released once he was processed through. He missed a court date and at that point, he was out in the world and there was nothing we can do about it," prosecutor Chris Handley, chief of 228th District Court, said.

Just days ago, police released images of Washington on the METRORail, saying he was the one who got into an argument with a rider and stabbed her in the chest. Jerrell's family told ABC13 that the 28-year-old had recently moved to Houston. Handley says he waved the red flag about Washington in August after the bank assault.

"I told everybody who would listen, 'This man will kill someone,'" Handley said.

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Washington was given a $100 PR bond for the bank assault. His rap sheet goes back to the 1980s and ranges in everything from trespassing to auto theft to terroristic threats. He has five felonies - three of which are violent. Washington's attorney said in court that he has three kids, owns a landscaping company, and left the military on an honorable discharge.

Does he have mental health issues? Prosecutors don't know right now, but believe his criminal behavior is the same - attacking women and strangers. This time, his bond is at $500,000.

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