World Series features father versus son matchup as Astros battle Braves

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
World Series features dad versus son in Astros matchup against Braves
This year's World Series between the Astros and Braves is proven to be a family affair between Houston's hitting coach and Atlanta's general manager.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In baseball, a key to hitting is muscle memory. It's a skill developed through repetition. For Astros hitting coach Troy Snitker, this week not all of his repetition is around the batting cage.

"We just keep saying, 'We can't believe this is happening,' I can't believe this is happening," Troy Snitker told reporters.

Troy's father is Brian Snitker, the manager of the Atlanta Braves. One night after the Astros earned their World Series berth, the Braves did the same by winning the National League title. Therefore, we now have a dad versus son matchup on baseball's biggest stage. It's something Astros general manager James Click said he can't even wrap his head around.

"My dad is not in baseball, but I can't imagine what it would be like going up against my dad right now," Click told ABC13. "I feel really bad for Troy's mom - I don't know what she's going to do."

Ronnie Snitker, Troy's mom and Brian's wife, is indeed in the middle of an unbelievable double-play.

"I think she's planning on having Braves and Astros represented," Troy said when asked what his mom will wear at the World Series games. "Anytime something happens, I don't know if she'll clap or cry. My guess is the latter - she's going to be a mess."

While Troy is repeating words to himself and trying to make sense of an out of this World Series circumstance, he knows something like this won't see repetition - with or without a hitting coach. So this Snitker Series is as good as it gets.

"To go against your dad in the World Series: no matter how long I'm in this game, this is something I'll never be able to top," Troy admitted. "This is as special as it's going to get for us."

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