Houston Astros fans get not-so warm welcome from Dodgers fans at stadium

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Thursday, August 5, 2021
Astros fan describes 'rude, nasty' atmosphere in Dodger Stadium
It was the opportunity some fans had been waiting two years for, but not many Dodgers fans were welcoming to Houston Astros fans.

LOS ANGELES, California (KTRK) -- Native Houstonian Collyn Davis said he had tickets to a baseball game in Tinseltown, but instead he saw a Hollywood script playing out before his eyes.

"It was like something out of a movie with the aggression and anger they had," said Davis, who attended the Astros vs. Dodgers game in Los Angeles.

Tuesday's game, which ended in a 3-0 Houston victory, was the first time the Dodgers have hosted the Astros with spectators in attendance since the 'Stros cheating scandal was uncovered. The scheme was utilized during the 2017 season - a season capped-off with an Astros victory vs. Los Angeles in the World Series.

Minutes after he landed at Hobby Airport, we met Davis at Minute Maid Park where he shared his experience from enemy territory along with cell phone videos from the game.

"Very rude, very nasty," said Davis.

Davis said he has attended numerous sporting events involving Houston teams in other cities, but says he's never seen anything like what happened in Los Angeles.

"Anytime the Astros did something good, I stood up, clapping cheering. Immediately, from the first inning until I left, fans were throwing food, throwing drinks and saying, 'Sit the f*** down!'"

Davis said he did not reach out to Dodgers security or Major League Baseball about his experience.

However, another Astros fan who attended the game told ABC13 she had a family member reach out to the MLB on her behalf to report what she said were threats and harassment. She declined our on-camera interview request, saying she was still too rattled from what she saw and heard at the game.

Davis said a few opposing fans actually tried to deescalate the situation.

"They were so hostile, Dodger fans were fighting their own fans," Collyn said. "We had several nice Dodger fans around us who were trying to stick up for us and watch out for us. But other fans were calling them traitors and telling them to stay away from us."

Another Astros fan who attended said Dodgers fans gave her a ride back to her hotel because she was afraid to walk alone.

The Dodgers host Houston again Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium, the final meeting between the teams this regular season.