Astros and Red Sox fans know rosters but struggle pronouncing each other's location names

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston and Boston fanbases know each other's rosters, but when it comes to pronouncing location names, some fans are left tongue-tied.

With the American League Championship Series underway, ABC13 quizzed fans on names from Massachusetts and the Houston area. Astros fans were asked to pronounce five places from Massachusetts.

The names were Worcester, Gloucester, Chicopee, Leominster and Tewksbury.

"I think they're probably special to them," Astros fan Eva Loredo said.

Astros fans studied, and stared at the names, but each struggled with the pronunciation.

"They're kind of unusual," Astros fan Rebecca Soots said.

"Yes, I'll go with that too," Astros fan Mike Soots added.

ABC 13 also quizzed Red Sox fans, and asked them to pronounce Humble, Bexar County, Alief, and Kuykendahl Road.

"You guys got crazy names up here," Red Sox fan John Gallo said.

But like Houston, some Boston fans also struggled to pronounce each name correctly.

"The X," Red Sox fan Cale Pauley explained. "I don't know where that's coming from."

Red Sox fans who moved to the Houston area knew how to correctly pronounce a couple of the names.

"I know Humble," Red Sox fan Brian Pukmel explained. "That was the first thing they taught me when I moved down to Texas."

The names left fans tongue-tied, but for Astros fans they hope the only name they get to pronounce at the end of the series is "winner."
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