Officials urge neighbors to check storm drains after big screen TV found in drain

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A neighborhood hit hard by Hurricane Harvey can't believe a big screen TV was thrown into the system meant to protect them from another storm.

"I mean, clothes, backpack, bags, whatever, but I've never seen anything as big as a TV in a storm drain," Houston resident Maureen Howard said.

A Greensbrook Place neighbor in northeast Harris County contacted Eyewitness News after someone shared the TV discovery to social media. A neighbor said it was reported, but Harris County Precinct One said it has no record of it.

A few hours after we showed Commissioner Rodney Ellis' office the TV, it was removed from the drain.

"That's good," Howard said." I would hope that they make sure all the drains in our area and all around Houston are clear of debris like that."

Crews aren't sure how the TV got in the drain. It could've come from debris piles left by Hurricane Harvey, or someone could've dumped the device.

"That is not an easy way to get rid of trash, and you are actually putting other people in harm's way, and how would you feel if it was your neighborhood? You have to think about the people around you," Houston resident Jennise Johnson said.

Precinct One sent Eyewitness News a statement regarding the TV discovery:

Precinct One is committed to do its part to maintain the drainage ditches in our unincorporated areas and help reduce the risk of flooding in the neighborhoods we serve.

Residents living in unincorporated areas can report drainage concerns to Precinct One by completing an online service request form at or calling one of our service centers:

El Rio Service Center (South): 713-991-6881

Hardy Service Center (North): 281-820-5051

As hurricane season approaches, we also encourage everyone to do their part to help keep our drainage systems free from debris. Here are some helpful tips:

Keep drains clear. Do not place leaves, branches, trash or other debris into ditches or drainage systems.

Keep a lookout. Residents should report illegal dumping to Precinct One at 713-991-6881.

Keep in touch. Residents in unincorporated areas served by Precinct One are encouraged to contact our office with any questions or concerns about drainage in their area.

Precinct One residents living inside Houston's city limits should refer their drainage concerns to the city's 311 help line.
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