H&M helps first-time job applicants dress for success with free suit rental program

Looking for your first job can be pretty stressful, but soon there will be one less thing to worry about... how you look!

How you present yourself is so critical when looking for a job, but for first-time applicants, affording new clothes is something that can be difficult.

H&M is looking to help you look good on your first job interview. The company announced it will rent out, free of charge, a men's suit for 24 hours to first-time job seekers.

The program, called "One/Second/Suit," is up and running in the United Kingdom, with plans to begin in the U.S. in May.

Right now, U.K. job seekers can register online, and the suit is delivered in time for the interview.

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You get a navy blue jacket, trousers, tie, shirt and a pocket square.

ABC13 spoke with Cintya Alanis, who is currently looking for a half dozen restaurant workers at Tony's Mexican Restaurant and Tony's Tex-Mex. She has seen applicants who she says did not make a good first impression.

"In sandals, in shorts and I was like, 'Oh my God, he is applying for kitchen manager?'" Alanis recalled. "And then later in the day, there was somebody else who came for an interview who had a tie, slacks, and I was like, 'OK, it does make a difference.'"

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