School employee removed from campus for allegedly touching student inappropriately

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- HISD says it is investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct by an employee at Kashmere Gardens Elementary School.

A parent of a student says her daughter was touched inappropriately by an employee at the school.

"Rubbed her on her thighs and massaged her back on her shoulder, and she didn't feel comfortable. She felt uncomfortable and she didn't return to class again," said Michelle, the child's mother.

Less than a week earlier, Michelle said she'd talked to her daughter about bad touching and she was glad her daughter told another adult she trusted.

HISD released the following statement:

HISD is currently investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct by a Kashmere Gardens Elementary School employee. Upon learning of the allegations, the employee was immediately reassigned and is not at any HISD campus. The HISD Police Department was notified, and an investigation is underway. Please know we take these situations very seriously as HISD's priority is the safety and well-being of all students.

The employee has not been charged with a crime and HISD says the investigation is ongoing.

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