HISD rolling out new tools to help you keep track of your child and their school bus

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The largest school district in Texas, Houston ISD, returns to class on Monday, and this year, this school system is using new technology to help parents keep track of their kids.

SafeStop is a school bus tracking app that will allow parents to monitor their students' buses in real-time.

SafeStop offers a map that allows parents to see exactly where their child's bus is along its route. It also provides expected arrival times for each stop.

"I mean, I think it's always very helpful to know where and what time your kid is going to be home from school," said HISD parent Angel Taylor. "If something's happening, if there's a reason they're delayed, it's always important."

Parents will have to create a SafeStop account, and a valid student ID is required to complete the registration.

"This year, every child that rides the bus will receive a badge. When they get on the bus, they will swipe that badge," said Interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan. "And then, when they exit the bus, they'll swipe. So parents will know what time the child got on the bus and also what time they arrived at school."

Dr. Lathan says schools will distribute the badges within the first two weeks.

"It just ensures students are safe and we're able to make sure we know where students are at all times," said Lathan.

The district will also utilize Let's Talk!, an online program where parents can submit questions and concerns, track their inquiries, and get answers.

HISD leaders say it will not replace the Customer Care Call Center but will reduce response times.

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