Man offers heart, cheer to San Francisco drivers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- One man offers a moment of relief during rush hour to drivers who are coming into San Francisco. The man dancing on a Highway 101 overpass remained a mystery... until now.

With every brake light, blood pressure builds, but on Highway 101, just before Vermont Street, there's a curious trend. Smiles, waves and cellphones are pulled out and pointed up.

One driver said, "Oh my God, there's a dancing guy holding a heart."

That guy would be Javonne Hatfield, a San Francisco native and consummate performer, at work on his stage.

"Although they can't hear the music that I'm listening to or hear me talking, they see this [heart] and it's universal," Hatfield said.

He started the overpass dance around Valentine's Day last year after a bad relationship. So, every Thursday and Friday you'll find him over the freeway.

"I tell people, my heart beat twice and I just know to go," Hatfield said.

Holding his homemade heart, he shares a simple message.

Hatfield said his message is to "just smile, be happy, and do what it is you truly love and love yourself."

Whether you're driving or walking by, when you see Hatfield, it's hard not to smile and just want to join the beat. Drivers say it's fantastic to see him dancing and it makes them smile.

Hatfield's mix of music varies from a little bit of Rihanna to Niki Minaj. His moves shift with his mood, but his motivation won't go away.

"It's what I love to do," Hatfield said.

And he plans to keep sharing his heart dance indefinitely.

Hatfield is welcoming others to join his heart dance. He'll be back at the pedestrian overpass near 18th Street and San Bruno Avenue on Friday.
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